A Healing Space for Mental Health Professionals:

Psychoanalytic Review, Vol. 95, (1), 2008-


A number of assumptions are presented here:


1.  Countertransference processing becomes the heart of lifelong learning as a therapist.


2.  A group offers support and mirroring that promotes holding, acceptance and healing.


3.  One cannot separate personal and professional identity from the society we live in.  


4.  Within the group, space needs to be made for individual differences as well as     connections.


5.  The leader who walks upon this course of action should be skilled in both countertransference processing and group dynamics. The particular development of the group will depend on the leader’s temperament and theoretical orientation,


6.  The experience of community provides a form of healing as well as support.


For a detailed account following two supervisory groups refer to the book Between Therapists: The Proccessing of Transference/Countertransference Material. 

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