Athur Robbins, Ed.D, ATR, HLM



New York state license psychologist 430 1957

Certificate in the national psychological association for psychoanalysis inc. in 1964

Certified and registered art therapist American art therapy association



New York University

Psychology B.A.



Clinical Psychology M.s.


Teachers College Columbia University

Counseling Ed.D.


National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis

Certification in Psychoanalysis


Masters Institute

Certificate in Sculpture



National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis



Turtle Bay School of Music



Pratt Institute



Institute for Expressive Analysis

Founder and Instructor


Swiss Art Therapy Seminar




Federation of the Handicapped

Internship: intake, casework, testing, therapy, vocational rehabilitation


United States Army Korea, Japan

Clinical Psychology Officer Diagnostic Testing and psychotherapy with soldiers and their dependents, Supervision consultant to Army schools


Family Consultation Services of Eastchester

Casework; Intake; Psychotherapy: children, adults, individuals and group. Community Liaison, Diagnostic Testing


Private practice

Psychotherapy: Analytic, short-term, adolescents and adults. Diagnostic testing : children and adults


Glen Cove Mental Health Clinic, Glen Cove Community Hospital

Chief Psychologist-Psychotherapy, short-term, analytic group, individual, all ages. Diagnostic testing: Supervision, Community Liaison


Community Guidance Services

Therapy Supervisor


Metropolitan Center for Mental Health, NYC

Chief psychologist, Head of Psychoanalytic Therapy Training program, Seminar Leader, Supervision


Theodore Reik Consultation Center, NYC

Director of Clinical Services




Theodore Reik Consultation center

founder and organizer of a pioneering outpatient therapeutic service: the Theodore Reik Consultation center


Pratt Institute, Graduate Art Therapy Department



Pratt Institute

Practicum Coordinator, Supervision of Pratt supervisors


Metropolitan Center for Mental Health services

Co-Administrator of Clinical Services


Pratt Institute, Graduate Art Therapy Department

Chairperson and Founder of one of the first four art therapy programs in the country


 Institute for Expressive Analysis

Founder and organizer of the first extensive psychotherapy program for expressive therapists


American Psychological Association

New York State Psychological Association

National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis

American Art Therapy Association

National Association for Accrediting Psychoanalysts


Thesis: An Experimental Study of the Relationship Between Needs as Manifested on the TAT and Kuder Preference Record Scales of Adolescent Boys

1959 Emotional Status of the U. S. Soldier and the Length of Tour in Korea, Armed Forces Medical Journal,

Boards (formerly on)

Arts in Psychotherapy

Institute of Expressive Analysis

Magnus School of Creativity 

National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis         

Stevenson School

American Art Therapy Association:

1981-82: Program Committee 

1983: Awards Committee 

1982: Outstanding Teacher and Author of the year 

1998: Honorary Life Member 1998

2009: Professor Emeritus Pratt institute 

Presentations Panels:

1972-74, 1977-92, 1996 American Art Therapy Association

1973-74 National Association for Psychoanalysis

1997 New York Coalition of Creative Arts Therapists


Art Therapy Journal of the American Art Therapy Association-

1968 A Psychoanalytic Perspective to the Art Therapy Dialogue

1971 The Locus of Emotional Investment in the Art Therapy Dialogue, the Use of Imagery by the Art therapist in a Creative Dialogue

The Use of Imagery by the Art Therapist in a creative dialogue

1974 A Psychoanalytic Perspective to the Art Therapy Dialogue Journal of Art Psychotherapy, Vol. 1 

1974 The Use of Imagery by the Art Therapist in Creative Dialogue, Journal of Art Psychotherapy, Vol. 2.

1976 Psychoanalysis and Castenada-Exploration in Creative Art Therapy, American Art Therapy Association, 

1976: Use of Dreams in Art Therapy, Annual Proceedings of the American Art therapy Associations, 

1977 Use of Dreams in Art Therapy

1977 Hazards of Being a Psychoanalyst American Psychological Association, Division 39:

1979: Hazards of Being a Psychoanalyst, Psychoanalytic Review, 

1979: The Creative Art as Means of Overcoming Resistance, Psychoanalytic Review

1979 the Use of Countertransference in Expressive Therapy

1981: Working with the Borderline Patient in Art Therapy, Cavallo and Robbins

Journal Of Arts And Psychotherapy, 

1982: Regeneration of Potential Life Space of the Anti-Therapeutic Patient, Proceedings Journal, American Art Therapy Association, 

1982: Art Therapy Student Group

1982: Integrating the Personal and Theoretical Splits in the Struggle Towards an Identity as an Art Therapist, Arts and Psychotherapy, Vol. 9 

1983: Art Therapy and Transference, American Art Therapy Journal, 

Struggle for Self-Cohesion: An Analytically Oriented Art Therapy Case Study

American Art Therapy Journal, 

1983: The Use of Visual Perception as an Aid in Planning Short Term Treatment Goals, Proceedings Journal, American Art therapy Association 

1984: Creative Arts Approach to Art Therapy, The Arts and Psychotherapy, 

1987: Interpretation as a Means of Organizing Psychological Space within the Transference- Countertransference Relationship, Modern Psychoanalysis, Vol. 19, No. 

1988: The Interface of the Real and Transference Relationships in the Treatment of Schizoid Phenomena, Psychoanalytic Review, 

1988: A Psychoaesthetic Perspective On Creative Arts Therapy And Training. (The Arts in Psychotherapy, Vol 15 pp. 95-100. Pergamon Press plc, 1988.

1991: Developing Therapeutic Artistry Institute of Expressive Analysis:

1991: A Joint Countertransference and Stone Workshop, International Journal of Arts and Psychotherapy,

1993: Paternal Empathy in the Transference/Countertransference Relationship (Journal of Contemporay Psychotherapy, Vol. 23, No. 3 pp. 159-169)

1997: Creative Interventions in Depth Therapy, Psychoanalytic Review, 

1998 Psychoanalytic Dialogue on the Older Adult Theodor Reik Annual Conference:

1998 Shape and Form

1999: Chaos as Form, American Art therapy Journal, vol 16, No. 3 , 

1999: A Symbolic Dialogue, International Journal of Arts and Psychotherapy, 

2000: A Field/Energy Approach to Expressive Therapy Through a Symbolic Dialogue (the arts in Psychotherapy, Vol. 27 No. 2. pp. 87-98.)

2005: The Magic Garbage Can: Thanatos and Transformaiton (the Arts in Psychotherapy 32 358-371)

Febuary, 2008: A Healing Space for Mental Health Professionals (Psychoanalytic Review, 95(1), 

2012: Playing along the Porous Edge of Chaos and Discipline: Pathways to the Creative Analytic Process (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Vol. 32 No. 3 pp. 225-246)

Speaking Engagements

1974-2005 Dr. Robbins has presented a minimum of two presentations at each Expo. Sponsored by Pratt Institute.

1974-2005 he has led a work shop for giving a presentation at every American Art Therapy Association Annual meeting.

1982: Workshop leader in the combined use of Art and Movement Therapy Practice, annual meeting of the American Dance Therapy Association, 

Other speaking Engagements include:

April 1981: Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan, 

August 1981: Scandinavian Art Therapy Association, 

1981-83: Institute for Expressive Analysis, 

April 1983: Brooklyn Psychiatric clinic, 

September 1983: Luncheon Speaker, Annual Meeting, Carrier Foundation, 

April 1983: Guest Speaker, Union Graduate School, 

August 1983: Keynote Speaker, Swedish Art Therapy Association, 

1998: Keynote Speaker, Institute of Expressive Therapy, Denmark, 

And many more speaking engagements internationally and nationally


1970-2000: Pratt Institute Expo

1970-2000: American Art Therapy Association Annual Conferences 

1981: Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, Tokyo Japan

1981-1985: Scandinavian Art Therapy Association

1981-present: Institute of Expressive Analysis

1981-2010: Danish Institute for Expressive Analysis

1982: American Dance Therapy Association

1983: Brooklyn Psychiatric Clinic

1983: Carrier Foundation

1983: Union Graduate  School

1983: American Drama Association

1985: National Association for Accrediting Psychoanalysis

1985-2010: Institute for Symbol Formation, Guetenborg, Sweden

1997-2008: Swedish Institute for Expressive Analysis

1996 students from Koln, Germany

1997: University of California, Berkeley, California

1998: California Art Therapy Association

1999: Mount Mary Art Therapy Department 

In addition there have been numerous other workshops conducted throughout the United States and internationally to present.


1971: Creative Art Therapy Human Science Press NY, Arthur Robbins and Linda Sibey 

1981: Expressive Therapy: A Creative Arts Approach to Depth Oriented Treatment 

1986: The Artist as Therapist Human Science Press NY, (Jessica Kingsley Philadelphia)

1994: The Psychoaesthetic Experience Human Science Press NY, 

1997: A multi Modal approach to Creative Arts Therapy, (Jessica Kingsley Philadelphia)

1998: Therapeutic Presence, (Jessica Kingsley Philadelphia)

1998: Between Therapists: the processing of Transference and Countertransference material, (Jessica Kingsley Philadelphia) 

Contributions to the community

1967: Under the sponsorship of the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis Organized and administered a low-cost mental health clinic

1970: Proposed and organized at Pratt Institute one of the first Graduate Art Therapy programs in the United States

1976: Created and founded the Institute for Expressive Analysis, the first post masters training program in Creative Arts Therapy.

1981: Created and administered the Pratt Summer Art Therapy Program in New Hampshire. This program was a pioneer in working with the local public schools serving elementary school children

1990: Created a student journal of Art Therapy at Pratt Institute that is published annually and is available to the professional community.


1992: Received the first Vision Award for contributions in the field of Art and Psychoanalysis form the National Association for Accrediting Psychoanalysis

1993: Institute for Expressive Analysis Founding director

1994: Sonia Brodsky Memorial award outstanding contributions to the field of Art Therapy

1998: Received Honorary Life Membership form the American Art Therapy Association. This is the highest honor the American Art Therapy Association bestows on outstanding professionals in the field.

2004: National Psychological Association of Psychoanalysis, President’s Award for service

2008: Life Time Achievement Award in Expressive Psychoanalysis

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